Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Cultured Sunday Morning

So I started the day thinking I would only be going into York city centre for church...but with a brief but assured assessment of fine weather, though still choosing boots over sandals to be on the safe side, I bagged my new Kindle and headed out the door.

First on my list of cultured events is the purchase of the Fairtrade trousers.

York's Sunday morning market has always caught my eye, with small stalls run by artists, crockery-enthusiasts and general bric-a-brac. I've often stopped to look at one particular stall selling a variety of fairtrade products and a recent interest in a more ethnic style of fashion only spurred me on to buy them.
(See for your own hand-crafted masterpiece!)

While attempting to dilute the "new purchase" smile on my face as I walked away, it suddenly dawned on me I had only minutes to hurry to make church on time.

After church, the lunchtime buzz of experience-seeking tourists swept me up and I decided to head to the York City Gallery for my second cultured event. The most recent exhibition being shown was Gordon Baldwin's Objects For A Landscape - a fantastic exhibition of sculptural ceramics all of which inspired by the likes of music, literature or even something as simple as a line in a poem. The shapes were beautifully crafted with a varied use of colour to add texture. Very aesthetically pleasing - I highly recommend a visit!

After nabbing myself a tasty smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel, I headed to the Museum Gardens where I settle myself on a grassy verge in the sunshine, opened up F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and nibbed away on my bagel..

However I soon became aware that I was lying right in the middle of a pigeon courting ground! All around me I observed the proud struts, puffy-feathered chests and low grumbles of males as they chased and pecked at their potential women...makes one grateful that humans do not follow suit..although I guess some may beg to differ!

By this time the sun had gone in and I was far more interested in the bird-lovin' than my book, so I decided to pack up and head back to town for some last minute University essentials...and toothpaste..